13 years

Thirteen years ago I was experiencing a rough patch in my personal life and on top of that, I couldn’t understand why my 4 year old son, at the time, was having so many challenges in pre-school. In search of a “fix,” I sought several professionals to support me with determining the why behind his behaviors. My own child had become my personal case study! I began to develop close relationships with his teachers and fully supported them as a parent. I also had the opportunity to sit in several of his classes to observe his behaviors and the environment in which he learned. Not long thereafter, meetings after meetings, behavior infractions after infractions, threats of magnet program probation due to behavior, consultations with teachers, meetings with the principal and district staff,  my son was tested for gifted and talented classes and has excelled in school both behaviorally and academically ever since! He began to receive the services and care that he required in order to become more successful in school. He is now in the 11th grade and diligently pursuing his musical engineering and percussionist passion all while maintaining honor roll with AP and Pre-AP courses.


'Why I Do What I Do...'


Every Student matters

I was about nine years into my profession at the onset of my son’s behavioral challenges in school and realized that serving children and families in an educational realm was certainly what I was purposed to do! I already had a passion for it, but realized that it was my purpose. Supporting my son in his primary school days was certainly a challenge but what I realized was if I didn’t advocate for my child, who would? If I didn’t educate myself in order to learn to better support my child, who would? If I didn’t work with teaching staff to explain to them how to best support my child that I know so well, who would?

my why

Every student needs an advocate that is professional, personable, knowledgeable, and passionate. This is why I do what I do! I am here to serve in any educational capacity, whether it’s to educate the student or child on how to become their best selves, the parent or guardian on how to guide their child to become their best selves, or even educating those who work with children on how to best serve the young people they work with so that they live up to their full potentials.

All individuals have the ability to control the direction of their destiny. We, as leaders, must be that beacon of light that illuminates their paths to aid them in navigating through this world of endless possibilities.

 ~Sh’Nay Collins Ballard, LMSW, M.Ed.Psy