Our Services

Motivational Public Speaking

Having experienced very humble beginnings to current successes, Sh'Nay brings transparency, wit, and practical evidence-based strategies to any platform to inspire others to see things from a different perspective in efforts to become more attentive to their own gifts and talents. She can tailor her message to transform any platform to reach a multi-generational audience in the most captivating manner. Topics most sought after are centered around parenting supportive guidance for young mothers and fathers, inspiring young females to be their best selves, and providing behavioral supports for individuals to redefine their oppositions and transform it to success.

Behavioral Support via Consultations and Training

Behavioral supports, skills training, progress monitoring, etc. are offered to district and school staff as well as to parents/ guardians in an in-home setting if desired. R.O.O.T.S. provides detailed attention to identifying challenges in behaviors using a multi- level problem solving approach to get to the root of the matter, determine what motivates that behavior, and develop and implement strategies to replace those aversive actions that are socially significant to the client. The ultimate goal is to weaken interfering behavior and strengthen prosocial alternative behavior in efforts for the individual to develop into their best self.

Education Advocacy for Guardians

Sometimes a parent just needs someone in their corner that knows the school jargon and educational policies that are built to support their child. Parents/ Guardians deserve to know their rights. Wouldn’t it be swell to have a professional advisor? Who wouldn’t desire to have a proponent that will go all the way to ensure their child is getting all of the services they require? R.O.O.T.S is the champion you need! We provide elite services to support your child within the school system. Behavior Intervention Plans, Behavior Support Plans, 504 plans, and the like can all seem overwhelming at times to the parent/ guardian. R.O.O.T.S. is here to help alleviate your anxieties and make it all make sense. Schedule today for a free consultation!

Staff Professional Development

Educational professional development is offered to school district staff to help enhance school and classroom culture. The training time lengths can range from a minimum of 30 minutes to providing a series of lectures on a desired topic with efforts to help curve challenging student behaviors. These sessions will build confidence in novice staff, all while engaging veteran staff by building on their wide ranges of experiences.

In-Home Behavioral Support

These services are in addition to the behavioral support and consultation services. R.O.O.T.S. is also available to work individually with families desiring to develop more socially significant behaviors which may involve modifying the environment so that interfering behaviors weaken and more desired behaviors are strengthened.

Parent Training Sessions

Your role as a parent will teach you more about yourself than you ever expected!

1. Path to Success
a. Develop life goals for your children
b. Model & teach them in order to positively mold them
c. Children learn what they live

2. Stages of child development & stages of emotional development
a. They must both be considered when creating rules for your child’s behavior and disciplining your child

3. Different types of discipline to use (corrective consequences)
a. Making sure that rules/ expectations are clear

4. Having chit chat convos w/ your child is crucial
a. Challenges you will face as a single parent
b. Helping your child cope w/ racism and substance use

5. Support systems
a. Identifying your needs and you and your child’s needs as a family unit
b. Identifying resources available and not available
c. Who is connected to me (resources) and what those relationships are like
d. Importance of healthy relationships
e. Dealing with conflict and problem solving

Giving grace to your self is never more important than when you become a parent.