When I inquired about an expert to present a session on positive parenting practices you were recommended. Ms. Ballard, you are an energetic, enthusiastic presenter who tailored the presentation to the unique needs of women living with HIV/AIDS and their children. Ms. Ballard you are personable, organized, and a fantastic presenter. I would recommend you and the Black Parenting curriculum without reservation!
Dr. D. Guinn
Texas Southern University Department of Health, Kinesiology and Sports Studies and AIDS Foundation Houston
The saying it takes a village to raise a child is so true. Where we as parents think we have all the answers, truth is, we don't! Where we think we have done everything by the book we can always use and need professional knowledge and assistance. Sh'Nay Collins Ballard has been my go-to for resources. She has helped in numerous ways with a wealth of information in the raising of my son. Her leadership, counseling, and informative information has been a huge help to me as a single mother.
D. W.
“Sh'Nay, you are truly amazing. You go above and beyond for our kids and in setting the bar for teachers to meet their needs. I admire your work and advocacy for our kids!! ❤
Jasmine Flores
“Sh'Nay always does an excellent job connecting her students with what they need. She is unrelenting in her efforts to dismantle barriers to our students' success.”
Brian Vannest
Resident Principal