Fun Fact: We experience seasons because the earth’s axis is tilted. It doesn’t stand up straight. Well, ironically, we all can attest to the fact that seasons bring “balance” to our lives. So, I’m grateful for seasons! This further tells me that sometimes being “tilted” brings balance. Sometimes not being able to quite stand up straight brings some sort of symmetry to our lives.

We are not a perfect people. Our environments at times shape our behaviors and some of those behaviors are not societally accepted. So we’re “tilted”…. yet,  because of “seasons,” we are able to change and grow! You’re able to change and grow even after bitter and frigid winters where all life and growth felt like it was at a halt. YES! You had the audacity to grow in the winter!!

During seasons, here’s one thing that stands true… those roots stay in place! It’s what’s above the soil that alters and morphs from season to season. They take different shapes, sizes, and colors. They basically… transform!

So because these roots are such a critical part of growth and what the eyes can see, it’s imperative we tend to the root! Tend to the root and not just what the eye can see above the soil! Dig deeper and identify the cause… the motivator… right at the root! This is so that ultimately, growth becomes inevitable!  Let’s redefine these roots that sometimes can become our oppositions… and let’s transform it to success! One writer stated, when  the roots are strong the leaves will bring healing for the nation! It’s time to DEVELOP! It’s time to THRIVE! It’s time to FLOURISH!

Until our next chat…Take Hold of Your R.O.O.T.S.!