R.O.O.T.S was conceived in 2016 but never catapulted. I continued to work and do what I do best in the field of social work in the educational realm. In July of 2019, I began to think more extensively about R.O.O.T.S and what I wanted it to evolve into. On a trip to Ghana in 2019 for my 40th birthday, I put my plans to paper and made a decision to move forward, understanding that so many people would be blessed by the services offered. It was that same year that I decided to go back to school in the Fall of 2019 to work on another Masters degree that would better equip me for the services I desired to provide.

I have always had a love for gardening and discovered so many lessons through that therapeutic activity that I did often, at home, by myself, as a mental release. I was always intrigued by my most durable and resilient plants that had the audacity to bloom after frigid, bitter, winter freezes. Then, there were seasons where plants must be uprooted and thrown out, weeds must be pulled, and the flower bed must be cultivated and manicured, and soil turned, in order to get through winter seasons and prepare for spring blooms. Much like life! We must self-examine… DISCOVER… make room by doing away with the old and learning new ways to evolve and develop….CULTIVATE… then we must execute and PURSUE… bloom!

Roots play a major role in how the plant blooms. Much like life! Our “roots…” which can trigger unacceptable behaviors, attribute to how we “bloom…” how we execute and pursue. Identifying our “roots” or our triggers and redefining them can make the world of a difference for an individual who desires the opportunity to possess a life well-lived and successful. Romans 11:17-18 says, We do not support the root. The root supports us. Our “root” is our foundation and what everything  else is built upon. So whatever the narrative is, due to our experiences that have taken root, determines how we evolve. Deep roots will yield us a strong and healthy root system, along with the addition of water, nutrition, and sunlight. As a benefit to flowers and plants, the root system, in turn grows a healthy and strong plant, when it has deep roots and all of the nourishments.

This is the desire of  R.O.O.T.S. Consulting Firm, and for every single client that crosses their path! Revelations 22:2 reports that, “When the roots are strong, the leaves will bring about healing for the nations.” We at R.O.O.T.S. want to help you develop into that mentally healthy, physically healthy, spiritually healthy individual that lives out their life’s purpose. We desire for every client that crosses our paths to “take root!” Begin to grow and draw nourishment in order to be your best self! Establish yourself! Take hold… develop… thrive… flourish… in other words… TAKE ROOT! So that’s what’s in a name! We aren’t called R.O.O.T.S for just any old thing!

Until our next chat…Take Hold of Your R.O.O.T.S.!

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